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Now on Exhibition

Perceptual Tracking: A Color Space is currently on exhibition.

The exhibit focuses around a collaborative installation by Leah Brown, Christian Feneck and Peter Symons. On entering the space, viewers will experience a visual immersion of color and form interacting with custom, color shifting light that gives the sensation of movement, while concealing and revealing as it shifts through the spectrum. This color-space combines narrative-driven sculptural elements with color-field painting and atmospheric lighting. This creates four distinct views of a visually confusing scene that combines elements of the organic and inorganic, the "real" and the perceived, predator and prey.

Contemporary artists Henning Haupt, Donna Haynes, Bonney Goldstein, Virginia Fifield and Jen Clay have created pieces exhibited in the front gallery around the overarching theme of perception.

The exhibition will be at the Frank until Sunday, March 11th.

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