Classically trained artists reveal the secrets of successful portraits, figure drawings, landscape paintings and color theory! Learn one on one with the next generation of masters as they demonstrate the technical aspects of drawing faces, the human figure and the natural world around them. Basic art materials are required for these courses, such as pencils, paper, water-based paints and brushes. Share your masterpieces with us on Facebook and Instagram at The Frank Pembroke Pines!

Landscape Painting with Valerie Ramos

Discover the basics of landscape painting and orienting your masterpiece from real life or photograph to paper. Learn how to select a vista and quickly paint the elements that make that particular view so compelling. 

Drawing Portraits with Victoria Albert

Uncover the secrets behind drawing realistic portraits! Learn the fundamentals of portrait drawing such as capturing accurate facial proportions and fixing common mistakes. 

Color Mixing 101 with Grace Cox

Fun for all ages! Learn how to mix many colors with just three paint color options. Declutter your palette, train your eye, and model a classical method of painting where all colors are mixed and matched as the masters did: by hand!  

Figure Sketching with Grace Cox

Enjoy a fast-paced workshop that explains gestural figure drawing, introduces anatomical proportions, and reveals how to capture the body's form through quick intuitive sketches. 
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