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Offered from September 6th, 2018- October 18, 2018

The Frank art gallery is excited to present Hustle, an exhibition that explores the pop-sensibilities of South Florida’s urban art with an emphasis on process, labor and work. Hustle combines the pure colors and imagery of pop-art with the grit, energy and social undertones of street art.

During this field trip experience at The Frank, students will discover important local artists from Laundromat Art Space and ArtServe, and explore the physical and psychological marks of
progress, development and growth through a contemporary pop-art lens!

All field trips include a guided exhibition tour, an art historical discussion of the significance of pop art, and an analysis of the cultural significance urban art in South Florida. Students will also experience a pop-art inspired art making workshop! Students learn urban art techniques such as stenciling, mixed media painting, and the use of non-traditional art materials.

For more details on the programs offered during Hustle, please see the detailed field trip guide below.

To book a field trip, contact tnicoll@ppines.com or call 954.392.9422.
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