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Video Workshops

Drawing, painting, crafts, 3D works, and more! In our drawing and painting workshops, classically trained artists reveal the secrets of successful portraits, figure drawings, landscape paintings and color theory! Learn one on one with the next generation of masters as they demonstrate the technical aspects of drawing faces, the human figure and the natural world around them. In our craft art classes, viewers can learn how to use everyday materials to express their creativity. Basic art materials are required for these courses, such as pencils, paper, water-based paints, brushes, and general household materials. Share your masterpieces with us on Facebook and Instagram at The Frank Pembroke Pines!

Layers of Texture: Monotype with Kim Spivey

This virtual workshop provides a foundation into the printmaking world with access to tools, techniques, and insights for full artistic freedom. 

Make-do Tote Bag with Regina Jestrow

Gather your needles and thread for a Make-do Tote Bag Workshop! Regina Jestrow is your seasoned guide in an introduction into sewing. 

Assemblage: Painting Workshop with Diego Gutierrez

Join The Frank Art Gallery in Pembroke Pines for a virtual workshop entitled ‘Assemblage: The Art of the Found Object’ by artist Diego Gutierrez. 

Toy Making for Kids with Jefreid Lotti

Cardboard creations! In this family-friendly 3D workshop, featured artist Jefreid Lotti will teach children of all ages how to make a rocking horse toy out of cardboard and paint. 

Fantasy Characters with Niki Lopez

Perfect for kids of all ages and designed for children with autism, this workshop shows students how to create an imaginary robot while encouraging individuality and communication. 

Transfer Techniques with Yochi Yakir-Avin

Learn about image transfer techniques that can be applied to paper or wooden surfaces! Artist Yochi Yakir-Avin reveals the technique she used for the mixed media works in her exhibition at The Frank’s Third Space Gallery.  

DIY Plastic Puffs with Alissa Alfonso

Reduce, re-use and redecorate! In this workshop led by artist Alissa Alfonso, all ages can reduce waste and create flower-like pom poms out of a simple household material: plastic shopping bags. 

Figure Sketching with Grace Cox

Enjoy a fast-paced workshop that explains gestural figure drawing, introduces anatomical proportions, and reveals how to capture the body's form through quick intuitive sketches. 

Drawing Portraits with Victoria Albert

Uncover the secrets behind drawing realistic portraits! Learn the fundamentals of portrait drawing such as capturing accurate facial proportions and fixing common mistakes. 

Color Mixing 101 with Grace Cox

Fun for all ages! Learn how to mix many colors with just three paint color options. Declutter your palette, train your eye, and model a classical method of painting where all colors are mixed and matched as the masters did: by hand!  

Landscape Painting with Valerie Ramos

Discover the basics of landscape painting and orienting your masterpiece from real life or photograph to paper. Learn how to select a vista and quickly paint the elements that make that particular view so compelling. 

Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture, the Florida Council on Arts and Culture, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional funding is provided in part by Broward County Cultural Division, Hello Sunny-Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center and Visitors Bureau and National Endowment for the Arts.
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