Artist Lectures

From The Frank to You presents video lectures by artists on specialty topics ranging from studio practice, techniques and media, and the theses, concerns and inspirations that drive their artistic production.

The Cabinet of Post-Anthropocene Curiosities

Journey into the future! Using her striking drawings as reference images, this fantastical talk by artist Judith Berk King presents imagined animal and plant species that may come into existence many millennia after our current geological age.  

Capturing Facets of Contemporary Life

Learn about the career evolution of figurative artist Jason Aponte! Aponte's work translates color, light and form into scenes that juxtapose the minutia of contemporary life with the psychology of the individual. 

The Bricoleur

How can you make art without negatively impacting the earth? Learn about the bricoleur approach in environmental art with Gretchen Scharnagl! This Miami-based artist uses her work as a point of reference to discuss the idea of 'bricolage,' in which one makes a conscious effort to create artwork with recycled, found or repurposed materials. 

Other Spaces and Worlds

Dive into artist Jackie Tileston's paintings, and consider the sources that inspire these heterotopic spaces that investigate the contemporary sublime and states of being. Raised in the Philippines, India, England, and France, Tileston is an Associate Professor of Fine Arts at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Lecture Series: Careers in the Arts

From The Frank to You presents a video lecture series on professional development for artists! Established creative professionals share their career development stories and give advice to aspiring creatives who are looking to make an impact in their respective fields. Topics include screenwriting, studio art, art education, curatorial work, dance, art therapy, arts marketing, photography, and more.

Kirsten Hines: Nature Photography

With a Master of Science degree in biology, award-winning wildlife photographer Kirsten Hines is a member of the IUCN Iguana Specialist Group, a research associate at Florida’s Institute for Regional Conservation, and co-author of books such as 'Biscayne National Park.' 

David Y. Chang: Painting & Arts Education

Classically trained at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris, David Y. Chang is the Frost Professor of Art at Florida International University and the Chair of the Florida Artists Group - Florida's oldest and most prestigious professional artists' association. 

Ed King: Pop Art & Arts Marketing

Ed King, neo-pop artist and Creative Content Manager for Fort Lauderdale's prominent arts incubator ArtServe, shares marketing advice to help artists and cultural groups reach their target audiences affordably and effectively. 

Lauren Carey: Ballet and Dance

Juilliard School alumnus Lauren Carey is a professional ballet dancer and the artistic director of Ballet Florida Dance Company. Carey is on faculty at The Harid Conservatory and is an artist in residence at The Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts. 

Nerissa Street: Acting & Screenwriting

Nerissa Street is an award-winning filmmaker, arts educator and storyteller. Her organization, 'Girls Call The Shots,' advocates for teen girls in film and media through professional mentorship. She has presented to audiences including South by Southwest®, TEDx and more. 

Kandy G. Lopez-Moreno: Visual Arts

Visual artist and NSU Associate Professor Kandy Lopez celebrates the power and swag of individuals who live in urban, often economically disadvantaged environments. She has exhibited at the Spady Cultural Heritage Museum, the Girls' Club and the Armory Art Center. 

Laura Marsh: Installation Art & Curatorial Practice

Yale alumnus Laura Marsh supports social practice through installation art. Both artist and curator, Marsh is the Director of Programming for Oolite Arts, and was formerly the Curator at the Art & Culture Center/Hollywood. 

Raquel Farrell-Kirk: Art Therapy

With a master's degree in art therapy from Barry University, licensed art therapist Raquel Farrell-Kirk has practiced art therapy at adult addiction treatment facilities, teen addiction treatment centers, and senior centers for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. 
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