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Biological Futurism

Co-curated by Samuel Lopez De Victoria, Director | Interactive Initiative

Venture into an immersive world inspired by scientific illustration and the adaptive capabilities of nature! Evoking memories of curio cabinets within archetypal science museums, The Frank reinvents itself as a vast display case brimming with scientific specimens – all of which are imagined, transformed or extinct. Freed from the boundaries of the canvas, hyper-realistic biological organisms and delicate tendrils dance across gallery walls and escape the constraints of gravity. Sculptural forms inspired by mesmerizing growth simulations stretch from floor to ceiling.
Challenging the divide between art and science, the featured artists expertly traverse topics of hybridization, environmental biology, and cellular interaction.
Biological Futurism highlights the work of artists Judith Berk King, Georgeta Fondos, Lisa Haque, Andy Lomas, Lisa McCutcheon and Gretchen Scharnagl.

Click and drag to see panoramic view. Navigate from circle to circle to explore. Click icon at upper right to enter full screen.

The Academy

For the first time ever, Florida International University's Department of Art +Art History exhibits the work of their Academy of Portrait & Figurative Art. This atelier with courses in drawing and painting is led by its founder, David Chang, a classically-trained artist, professor and chair of the department. At The Academy, pupils learn one-on-one with a master to perfect their drawing and painting. Since its inception, many of FIU’s most talented students and alumni have become a part of this unique and competitive experience at the university, establishing it as a leader of visual art in higher education. It remains the first of its kind at a public university in the nation.
Be sure to take the elevator upstairs to our mezzanine gallery, The Third Space, which features two exhibitions. View digital paintings by Elton Burgest, and In Between: a bi-level solo retrospective of works created by Yochi Yakir-Avin between 2015 and 2020.

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